Harmony kansas

Harmony, Kansas
music by Anna K. Jacobs, book & lyrics by Bill Nelson

With a lively, soulful score, Harmony, Kansas tells the story of Heath, a gay farmer making his way in a rural community where it pays to blend in. When his city-born partner, Julian, talks him into joining a spirited group of gay guys who meet once a week to sing, Heath discovers a love for making music and a kinship he didn't expect. But his world is turned upside down when the group considers performing in public, threatening everything that matters to him, including the life he’s made with the man he loves.

After recieving its second reading at Goodpeed’s January, 2012 Festival of New Artists, the show had it's premiere production at the Diversionary Theatre in San Diego, 2012 ((four SCENIE Awards, three San Diego Theatre Critics Circle nominations). NAMT Festival finalist.

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Men with Money
book & lyrics by Bill Nelson
music and additional lyrics by Joseph Trefler

Set in a fantasy version of gleaming 1952 Manhattan in which it's okay to be gay, Men With Money is a subversive, romantic romp that spins the tale of three young men who set out to make their wild dream come true—to find, woo, and win lovers with money. Loads of money. Two gay and one straight, they might just have the charm and chutzpah to pull it off.

NAMT Festival finalist.


Bill Nelson's Nutcrackin' Christmas:
An All-Original, Ridiculously Merry Cabaret/Variety Brouhaha!

With some of the greatest composers in New York, Bill Nelson has written the holiday songs you didn’t know you needed. A stellar cast will fill you so full of the holiday spirit that you may just stay that way. Contact billnewyork@gmail.com for information on presenting this brouhaha of music & merry mayhem.

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Bill Nelson’s All-Male Revue
Produced and directed by William Finn

lyrics by Bill Nelson, music by various composers: Will Aronson, Rob Broadhurst, Hailey Chang, Creighton Irons, Anna K. Jacobs, Dimitri Landrain, Julia Meinwald, Katya Stanislavskaya, and Niko Tsakalakos.

“If David Sedaris were musicalized, he’d sound like Bill Nelson! The lyrics are equal parts jaw-dropping, profound and daffy. Join Bill and the guys for a casual, fun evening of fresh, inventive theatre songs.”

Savannah: A Jazz Fable
music by Daniel Lincoln, book and lyrics by Bill Nelson

Set in quirky Savannah, Georgia 1957, Savannah rides on the sultry breeze of a hot jazz score to tell the tale of Blue, a down-and-out trumpet player who falls for a society girl. By a series of events orchestrated by a local voodoo woman, Blue forms an unlikely friendship with Jackson Lee, a society guy, who promises to help Blue get his girl if Blue will help him learn how to be more manly, so he can win his own girl. The guys soon discover they’re both after the affection of the sassy Vivienne. Passion and obsession lead to romantic tragedy. But a twist brings a magical, happy ending for all.

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